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Inter. Algebra

Topics for all formats include basic algebraic operations, solving linear equations and inequalities, laws of integer exponents, factoring, rational expressions . . .​

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Intro to Algebra
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​Math Review - Solving Equations


Can you put these steps in order? Learn the steps, the reason behind the steps, and an easy way to remember them.

Introducing Algebra


​At the end of the school year, I had a new  tutee tell me ...

Comparing Fractions

 4 Ways to Compare Fractions;​​ you may not of thought about one or two of them.


Online developmental math courses:

Pre-Algebra, Introductory Algebra &

Intermediate Algebra

Are you considering returning to college, but need to refresh your math skills or just want to learn? Are you considering becoming a math adjunct or math professor or math instructor? Then, Mackie's Algebra Insights will give a closer inside look at what to expect. Peer instructors may find ideas they would like to use. Just give attribution where appropriate or link to the page. On these math pages, you will find syllabi, assignments, books, calculator help, videos, and a little more. Enjoy!



The Power of Believing That You Can Improve | Carol Dweck @ TEDTalks


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