The purpose of this site is to help teachers grab students' attention by sharing resources to show relevance as well as learning activities to engage students.

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What You'll Find

Each algebra topic provides a video relating math to the real world, a related math game or activity, and a bit of humor.


Videos - purpose to grab the students' attention and show how math is used in real life. For example, a FAMU / FSU Research Assistant shares how quadratics equations help to build jumping robots.

Math Game or Activity - engages students and increases student motivation

Humor - Yes! Math can be funny. Laughter is good for the soul and math anxiety.



According to Keller (2008, p. 176-178), one way to motive students is through the use of the ARCS model.  ARCS refers to the “first principles of motivation to learn.” The mnemonic stands for Attention, Relevance, Confidence, and Satisfaction


  • Getting their Attention – the task is to spark their interest and create the desire to know more.  


  • Relevant - Show that topic is relevant to accomplishing goals and/or applicable to life


  • Confidence - Build students’ confidence that they can succeed in accomplishing the task I can make sure they are aware of the different resources available. For instance, for   online courses you could create a   You-tube video to demonstrate how to access class videos, etc.


  • Satisfaction - Provide opportunities for students to feel feelings of satisfaction by allowing students to apply what they have learned.


Encourage students to stay focused and to use self-regulatory strategies to complete the task. For example, send personalized motivational messages through email for online students or give private individual praise to students within the classroom.




 Keller, J. M. (2008). First principles of motivation to learn and e3-learning. Distance Education, 29(2), 175-184.




 Hello, I am Beverly Mackie. I hope you find this site useful. It was a part of my American College of Education course work.