Factoring Polynomials

 Try these videos to introduce polynomials.  Just, click on the title. The math activity will help students learn the different types of polynomials while the polynomial game will challenge students to factor correctly the first time in order to win the pretend cash.  To begin, start the day with a math joke. Use it on a worksheet, syllabi, write it on the board or share it out loud.

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Rags to Riches Factoring Polynomial Game

Reviews various types of factoring and zero product property. The game is reflecrs the style of the millionaire game.


To Factor, What Do I Do First?  - There are several types of polynomials. Sometimes, it can get confusing how to factor each. This online activity gives practice on just that frustration. Look at the polynomial and click whether it's a perfect square or general trinomial, or do you need to factor the GCF first. 



Q: Why did the polynomial plant die?
A: Its roots were imaginary.