Radicals and Complex Numbers

 A variety of activities to engage students as they learn more about radicals and complex numbers. Just, click on the title. Use the math video to stimulate students' interest and games and activities as you desire to introduce the topic as well as to offer an alternative to math worksheets. The math joke could be used on a worksheet, syllabi, write it on the board or just share out loud.

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Who Wants to Be a Hundredaire Square Roots Game


Reminds me of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game.

Can you win it all by solving the square root problems? You must answer 10 questions in a row with no mistakes. A wrong answer will end the game and require you to try again. What a fun way to practice. I have watched students become so determined to figure out their mistakes to get to the top.


Q: Why do plants hate math?
A: Because it gives them square roots.