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 Gillenwaters (2017) shared Marzano’s strategies for adding rigor which included finding successful people from your students’ culture and stories where people did not give up (module 3, slide, 3). Also, Ford (2014) stated, “…educators must ensure that culturally different students learn about themselves in rigorous and relevant ways… goal of all students [to have] mirrors and windows in their educational experiences—books, literature, visuals, media, guest speakers …” (p. 59).

Mathematically Gifted and Black

Latin and Hispanics in Mathematical Sciences



Ford, D. (1993). An investigation of the paradox of underachievement among gifted black students. Roeper Review, 16(2), 78-84.

Gillenwaters, B. (2017). CI5103: Curriculum and instruction design for diversity: Module 3: Instructional models: Part 3: Rigor. American College of Education, [PowerPoint, slide 8].